Let us help you set the right direction with analytics services to build a successful business.



The business management services we offer allow CEOs to better manage the vital business processes.



Diverse financial solutions provided by our experts guarantee increased profits for your business.

About Us


Diverge. Elevate. Prosper.

SIQ was founded on the concept that there is more than one way to reach financial success. We believe it all starts with strategy and an open mind, and follows with divergence and diversification. We are committed to helping our clients increase their portfolio as well as their financial literacy.

We help inform individuals of divergent strategies for short and long term financial gain. Our goal is to increase their financial literacy, their strategic IQ.



SIQ offers a range of service that stem from a core vision that one should have short, medium and long term financial streams, in multiple verticals. We help our clients reach new heights and overall consistency that we find provides stability and security - our ultimate definition of success.

From affiliate marketing, to network marketing, business credit building, loan options and more, we don´t believe that all human capital should have a price tag or upfront cost.
Time should also be a valuated, the most valued, resource we all have.




"SIQ assisted my family during a financially difficult time. Once I got a taste of the passive income it inspired me to automate more of my own companies to increase profits with less work!"

Mel C, L.A


"This company has presented me with the opportunity to make passive income at a time where I was in dire need due to personal circumstances. However, that isn´t the best part. The networking, friendships and professional relationships are the most priceless incentive that were provided. Oh, and Natasha is the epitome of a great human being and ultimate professional."

Mo R, NJ


"I am on a mission that Everyone Thrives! SIQ has proven both to be an extraordinary income opportunity as well as an amazing ecosystem of people led by an exceptional leader in Natasha Mini. She is not only a brilliant businesswoman, she is authentic and a no-nonsense straight shooter who is also on a mission to have everyone thrive!"

David R, FL


"SIQ is an innovative and helpful passive income asset. One the best value over time arrangement options I've discovered domestically."

Andrew M, NC



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